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This page is again a continuation of my other pages based on the various body types, and they can be adapted to fit other companies heads or bodies together. For this page, I am using the new Advanced DiD body, which does not come with a headsculpt. And I wanted to see if I could use an Alert Line headsculpt on the body.


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Picture 1. shows the neck adapter of the DiD Advanced body, the supplied adapter which is too small to fit tightly inside the Alert Line neck. Picture 2. is the Alert Line adapter, which is too big to fit onto the DiD body neck post. (Note: The damage to the adapter was caused by me, with some other experiments that I tried, before I came up with the idea of combining the two adapters as one piece). In Picture 3. is the Alert Line head, placed next to the DiD neck post which is smaller. And in Picture 4. the Alert Line adapter has been placed next to the DiD neck post, to show just how much larger it is.

Neck Post Alterations

So the only way I can see that I can combine the two adapters, to fit the head onto the body, is in Picture 3. I cut off and kept one part of the Alert Line adapter at the Red line (including the stub), that would go into the neck post. I then did the same to the DiD adapter in picture 4. And again this time, I cut it at the Red line shown, to also keep the stub in place, so that it makes sure of the height of the adapter and that it will fit into neck of the Alert Line head.


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I will then have to glue both parts I need together, using the original Humbrol Liquid Poly glue as shown in Picture 5. As I have found that with this type of plastic, it is the best glue to use. As I brush it on the separate parts until it starts to melt the plastic. Then once the two pieces are slightly soft enough, I then push them together, making sure that they are both level and central. which then creates a far better bond.


Plus, if I also then use some of the Liquid Poly 'mix', in Picture 6. which has some pieces of melted plastic added into it, to make a kind of liquid plastic. Around the edges of the joined parts when dry, this glue combination will make a lot stronger bond of the items once dry.

(Note: This was then left aside to dry fully overnight).

As I have found with my models over the years, that by using this combination of glues together. Once it has all completely dried, the new adapter is as strong as they were as the original items.

New New Neck Post

The only problem I can see with doing this is, is making sure that the parts to be glued together, are both flat and level by sanding them. And making sure that the parts going together are centered. So that the head will sit properly on the neck post. Picture 7. is the new adapter in place, in Picture 8. the headsculpt has been added.


7. 8.

Looking at this solution, I think I have finally found a way to use any company's headsculpt, with any other company's separate body. And I will no longer have search around, for a particular adapter to unite a different company's head and body.


With the bodies I have here as shown above, I am trying to get a difference in height and also build with the figures. The body on the left is a 30cm muscular body (maker unknown), that I bought and I have also added some extra white ankle pegs to raise the figure's height.

The middle figure is the DiD Advanced body, with the Alert Line head + adapter used. (Note: I will have to see how the clothing fits onto this body, because at the moment the neck seems to me to be too long.

The figure on the right, I believe is a standard Coomodel Narrow Shoulder body, with an adapter to fit a DAM headsculpt.


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