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Visiting my website using AOL may cause a Red X to appear instead of an image

I have just been contacted by John, asking about why he cannot see some of the images on my web pages when he uses his AOL browser. This was news to me because I thought all browsers worked the same, but with AOL I have learned that this browser does not load the full page. And as a result some of the images come up with a white box with a red 'X' in it.


After doing some research with Paul who has helped me immensely, along with my web site hosting company. We have found out what looks like a problem with my web site when viewing it with an AOL browser. Because I have tried my best to help my fellow modellers and I have placed quite a few images on each page, but it seems that when the AOL browser loads the page you want to see. Their software sees my web site as a DDOS (Denial Of Service) attack on their servers, so in turn it stops the images from loading both on the page and in the background hence the boxes with the red 'X'.


I have also found out with the help of Paul, that if he uses another browser to view my web site, he can see all of the images on the page. So it seems as if the problem is only related to the amount of images I have used, and trying to view it with an AOL browser.


I apologise to all of the modellers that are using an AOL browser to view my website, and I am working closely with my web host to see if we can resolve this problem. As they have tried over 40 concurrent connections per IP address, and still the problem occurs with the images not loading fully. So until we can find a suitable solution to this problem, I am afraid that to view my website, you will have to use another browser.


But the only problem is that if we cannot resolve this, the only option I have is to re-write the whole website using less pictures. Note: But with about 68 pages to change along with possibly about 3000+ images, and the two years it has taken to compile. I am afraid that unless my web host or AOL come up with a solution to this, then the AOL browser users will have the same problems and have to use another browser. Because I am afraid that to change the whole website on this scale with my current commitments is impossible.

Information about the dreaded Red 'X'
A page about using AOL and the Red 'X':
The link at the bottom of the forum page above:

Many thanks to John for pointing this problem out to me.

And Paul for the screen shot which I have forwarded to my website host.

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