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This page has the pictures that I took of the various re-enactors I both saw and talked to, to say I was overwhelmed by it all would be an understatement. And what impressed me the most was just how friendly they were and only too happy to allow me to take the pictures, plus how knowledgeable they were about their units and uniforms.

My sincere thanks go the following for all of their help.

A special mention has to be made to the members of the following groups - All American Pathfinders and the Screaming Eagles, for allowing me to photograph them and for allowing me to take up their time. And to the gentleman who's son is a member of one of the groups, who supplied me with so much information and helped me immensely throughout the day.


The 29th Division re-enactment group for all of their help. Also the Royal Norfolk re-enactment group, for all of the photographs of the British soldiers especially the gentleman dressed as a British sniper. The 1st Airborne re-enactment group for the pictures of British soldiers and their jeeps. And to Simon Tierney, the Commanding Officer of the Far Setting Sun, Far East Living History Group for his time and the photos.


And to the gentleman who was re-enacting his father as he would have been when he served in the Far East.

Note: These pictures are not for commercial use, they are supplied for reference purposes for making model figures.

The links to each section and the pictures are all Thumbnail's please click on them to enlarge.

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The Screaming Eagles and the All American Pathfinders groups

These pictures are of the Screaming Eagles and the All American Pathfinders, I took so many pictures that I lost track of who was with each unit so I have placed them here as US airborne.

These pictures are of a US medical re-enactment unit and a US MP

These pictures are of the 29th division re-enactors


6th Airborne Re-Enactment group (More pictures of this group are in the Vehicles section)

Far East Living History Group, portraying Column 44 (Essex), 3rd (CHINDIT) Indian Inf. Div.


Contact Details - Simon Tierney
Commanding Officer, The Far Setting Sun
Far East Living History Group, Portraying Column 44 (Essex), 3rd (CHINDIT) Indian Inf. Div.
Website  http://www.farsettingsun.co.uk

Royal Norfolk Re-Enactment Group

WW2 Chindit Re-Enactment

I met this gentleman who was recreating how his father looked when he served with the Chindits in WW2, he even had two mules with him who he said keeps trying to eat his explosives that he has in in his backpack, due to the smell of almonds that it gives off. I was very humbled to have met him, as he was very knowledgeable and when I felt the weight of the packs and equipment, I gained a better understanding and greater admiration of how these soldiers fought in the Far East Jungles.


I have just received an e-mail about these pictures, and I have been informed that Bill and The Burma Mules won the prize for the best 20th century diorama at Detling.


Various Photographs


Mortar Pit

These are some pictures I took of a pit and the tent areas.



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