Welcome to my 1/6th Scale Figure Gallery Page.



Soldat 2

 Neil Williams

Exclusive Figure

British Free Corps

Royal Military Police

 Soldat 3

Radio Operator


 US Military Police


US Airborne .30 cal Crew

US Bazooka Para

US Army Medic

British Army Sniper

German Gunner

Ardennes Figure


Train Maintainer

Hitler Youth

Bayonet Duel

Red Ball Express


M42+7 Uniform


Class A Uniform


A2 Jacket Uniform


Oriental Paratrooper


'Triple Nickels'


Class A Uniform


British Military Police

 British Paratrooper


 Carrying Kitbash


Tuskegee Airman


Tuskegee Airman

Gebirgsjager Officer


 Gebirgsjager Cable Layer


Gebirgsjager Pioneer


SS Gebirgsjager


The 'Old Man'


SS Military Police

Gebirgsjager Colonel

Gebirgsjager Medic

Heer Sniper


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