Welcome To My DAM Russian Gas Mask Repaint Page.

This page is about how I have repainted some 1/6th scale DAM modern Russian gas masks.

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I did a bit of an experiment recently, to see if I could re-paint one of my DAM Green gas masks Black. The mask in Picture 1. is how it came supplied as Green in the DAM 780785 Russian sniper figure. Picture 2. is after I have repainted the mask Black. Picture 3. is a separate hose attachment that I made for the mask, which is worn on the back of a figure. And finally Picture 4. is another mask that I repainted White, with the glass lens covered with mirrored tape.

Black Mask Repainting

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I firstly painted some Humbrol Maskol as shown in Picture 5. onto the green lens, to protect it from the paint. This is like a liquid rubber, used to protect areas during painting, that have to kept either clean or another colour. Once it dried, I then used the Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black paint onto the mask. In Picture 6. are two pots of Tamiya black paint, XF-1 is a Flat Black which I was going to use for the mask, but I realized I had the XF-85 Rubber Black paint which is slightly lighter.


I then painted the rubber parts of the mask inXF-85, which then allowed me to paint the plastic parts like the buckles and the front nose part of the mask in XF-1. So that there is a slight difference in the colours, even though both are black. Once that was all dry, I gave the mask a dust over with some Tamiya Soot weathering powder in Picture 7. to add a flat look to the mask, and finally I then peeled the Maskol off the lens.

Black Hose Attachment

I made this hose out of some spare parts, after seeing some reference photos of this mask being used in real life.

 I had a lot of help from my fellow modeller's with this task, one gentleman is on the BBICN forum. And he helped me immensely with making the hose attachment.


The picture on the right, shows as advised, how I have adapted parts from the Damtoys 78056 USMC Recon Combat Driver Rebreather Set. Such as the connector from the hose onto the mask, which is very similar to the reference pictures I used. The cloth holder for the mask filter, was made from a round flask holder, that I cut down to size. And I also sewed two buckles onto the top to hold the filter in place.

White Mask Repainting

This mask was painted the same as the other mask, but I found the repainting of this one was the most difficult, as I painted it by hand with a paintbrush. And I found that I had to paint small sections of the mask, and allow them to dry before doing a next section. as this helped to stop the patching and streaking that I found was happening as I brush painted. Once I had finished repainting the mask, I then gave it a drybrush with the Tamiya Snow weathering powders.


The reflective lens for this mask, was made from some model car mirror lens material. I first cut it to a rough shape for the lens cover, I cleaned the lens, and I then peeled off the backing and stuck it in place. I then very carefully cut around the extra lens edges with a sharp model knife, at the same time pressing down on the edge, to keep the right shape.


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