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This page came about after being asked about the lack of German information I have. Although I have quite a few links to the German troops and the equipment on these pages, Vehicles, Weapons, re-enactors and Insignia. I have also made two German figures - Hans Ebner as a winter soldier from the Russian front and Hermann Weber from the 12th SS Panzer Division.

With this page I have tried to assemble together a lot of the information in one place, and I have only skimmed over this and a lot of the links here are copied from my other pages.

Enlisted Whermacht Soldier's Jackets

M36 - The "M36" field blouse is the "classic" WWII German uniform jacket. Manufactured in vast quantities from 1935 to 1940 it continued to be issued and worn until the end of the war. M40 - The "M40" field blouse was the most manufactured and issued field blouse of WWII, remaining in production as late as 1943. It was identical to the M36 in cut, but the collar was made of field-gray instead of dark green badge cloth. M41 - The "M41" field blouse was almost identical to the M40, but with a six button front. This was required due to the poor tensile strength of the 50% rayon/wool blend in use at the time. M42 - This was a simplified version of the field blouse which appeared in early 1942. Manufacture continued at least until late 1943, despite the introduction of the M43 field blouse. M43 - The so-called "M43" field blouse actually began to be issued to new troops in Autumn 1942. Manufacture continued at least until the end of 1944, despite the adoption of the M44 field blouse. M44 - The "M44" field blouse was officially approved and adopted in 1944, after ten months of field trials with six frontline divisions.

Enlisted Whermacht Soldier's Trousers

M36 - These trousers are commonly referred to as "M36" trousers by collectors and students of military uniform history, presumably because they were part of the uniform when the "M36" field blouse (Feldbluse) was adopted. However, they actually date back to the 1920s when a right rear pocket was added to the traditional trousers. The color was "stone gray" (steingrau), a heathered gray felted wool. The trousers were cut fairly full and featured straight legs, two slash pockets in front, a watch pocket and the traditional high waist and V-notched back with rear waist adjustment belt.


M40 - The "M40" service trousers were made to the same pattern as the "M36" service trousers, but in field gray wool. The M36 trousers had been made in "stone gray" wool, but the National Socialist government ordered an end to the production of stone gray wool to simplify the wartime production supply line. M42 - These trousers replaced the M36 and M40 straight-leg trousers and were often referred to as "Keilhosen" (literally stretch-pants) because the design was copied from civilian ski trousers, which were often made of stretch material. They were often called mountain-style trousers for the same reason. They were as widely used as the M36 and M40 service trousers after 1942, and were the first trousers meant to be adaptable to shirt-sleeve uniform for hot weather operations.

Originally designed in 1941 to be worn with the new ankle boot. these have four button-down belt loops to take a cartridge belt and also have provisions for trouser suspenders. The ankles are tapered and feature an adjustable stirrup to hold the trouser legs inside the gaiters or marching boots. The seat is reinforced with an additional layer of wool. Other differences with the earlier M36 trousers include a flapped watch pocket and sizing tabs and even the candy blue "anodized" buckles at the sides of the waist.

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Enlisted SS Soldier's Jackets

M39 - With the introduction of the SS M-1937 field uniform the LAH and Verfüngstruppe adopted the Army's field-gray for the first time. The entire uniform was almost completely copied from the Army's M-1936 uniform. the blouse was also of the same pattern, except for the four button front which could be worn open with a tie or closed. M40 - In late 1940 or early 1941, the SS M39 field blouse was taken out of production in favor of the Army M40 style. M42 - This style of field blouse began to be issued by the Waffen-SS in early 1943. It closely follows the Army M42, but retains the five-button front and has two belt hook eyelets per hook, instead three as on the Army pattern.

M43 - This style of field blouse was not officially adopted by the Waffen-SS until October 1943, but photos show that it was in service with the SS from mid-1943 onward. It is suitable for portraying SS troops from after the Kursk operation until the end of the war. M44 - The "M44" field blouse was officially approved and adopted in 1944, after ten months of field trials with six frontline divisions.

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