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This figure was supposed to be made in another kitbash, but because I did not have the correct collar insignia for it, I had to abandon it until now. And now after finally being able to get hold of a boxed DiD Slavko Juric figure from a fellow modeller Govy.

And with the very generous help of my fellow modellers, I have finally been able to assemble the figure as below. The pictures on the right here, are what I have used for my reference material


The headsculpt that I have chosen for this figure is the DiD Slavko Juric head which I put onto a Dragon body.

The head has had to have a paint over with some Model Color 540 Matt Medium paint, as I found that the head was a bit too glossy for me. Doing this also helps the pastel chalks to stick better as well.


Note: To better explain this method and the pastel washes, I forgot that I did a step by step PDF with my Russian figure.

The first three pictures below show the head as it came from the boxed figure, the next three pictures show the headsculpt after I have given it a pastel wash.



I also used a Dragon tunic instead of the one supplied in the boxed figure, as I wanted the white edging on the collar for this figure as it is needed for the rank of Oberscharführer. The picture on the right here, shows the Handschar collar tab that I had very kindly re-coloured for me by Stephan. The patch I believe was sold by a German online shop, and although the scimitar detail is very good, I was told that the Black background needed to be re-painted as it was not dark enough. He also supplied me with the blank patch for the other side of the collar, so that they both matched.


With the shoulder boards for the figure I have had to adapt a pair of Toys City one's, and as shown below in the first picture it shows how it was when it came in the insignia accessory pack. The next picture shows how I have carefully removed the top part of the shoulder board, the purpose of this is so that I can repaint the bottom part of it Orange, which is needed for the Feldgendarmerie division.

Note: The only problem with doing this is that even when the paint dried, it stayed as glossy as the second picture above. So to dull the boards down, I rubbed some Orange pastel chalk on my fingers, and then rubbed the board between them. This did help to lose the glossy shine. The final picture above right, shows all of the insignia in place, complete with the Toys City pips as well.


The middle picture shows the insignia in place, the third picture above shows the One Sixth Scale King cuff title, above it is a Dragon one. And I am very impressed with the weave on the material that it is printed on, also at how clear the wording shows up and how it all seems to be in scale as well. The final picture right, shows the arm insignia that I have used with this figure, the Feldgendarmerie and Croatian shield's I got in a recent trade, and at the bottom of the sleeve is the cuff title. Note: To position the cuff title in the right place, I used the very useful information I found in a post on the SAG forum - Cuff title position


The trousers for this figure that I was going to use were the plain brown one's that came with the figure, but after some thought I have changed them for a pair of Battlegear Toys pea dot camouflaged trousers instead. I also replaced the plastic type of boots, as they do not have the laces detail on them. Even though it will not be seen under the gaiters, I just prefer to have the detail there. So for this figure I used a brown pair of DiD gebirgsjager boots instead.


With the DiD gaiters that I wanted to use with this kitbash, I found that I could not get them as tight on the leg as I wanted, and I found that the problem is that they only had one thread for the lacing at the top as shown below left. So I replaced the thread as shown in the next picture, but for the lace here I used a longer piece of thread. Note: I have found to get the thread though the eyelets easier, I put some superglue on the each of the thread ends, I wiped it on a cloth and leave it to dry.

I then put one end of the thread through the eyelet at the bottom of the gaiter, and pulled it up loosely inside the gaiter. And I then used the other end to lace up the outside as shown, and after putting this through the eyelet at the top I now have two thread ends inside the gaiter to tie off. So now I can put the gaiters on the figure, and I can also pull the threads on the outside tighter to make the gaiter look more realistic.

The fourth picture above shows how I have fitted the boots, note that I put on the gaiter first which is pulled up the leg out of the way. The last three picture's above right, show the gaiter's on the figure, and because I now have two thread end's I can get the gaiter tighter.

Note: But do take care if you try this method, as the bottom buckles are fragile, and also you do not want to pull out the lacing buckles.


During my research for this figure, I found the picture on the right in one my books. This shows how because apparently the Handschar troops were not issued the 'Y' straps for supporting the belt, so they had to improvise with a bread bag strap instead. And to replicate this on my figure, I have used a strap from the DiD Reinhardt Witt engineer's bag. I had a lot of help with finding out about this item, from the forum post I made here.


Although the strap as made by DiD is not an exact copy with the type of material used, I am going to use this one rather than having to try to make one. Also I have to repaint it as well, because the colour was too light for what I wanted it for. In the pictures above, the left one shows the plain strap from the box, the middle picture shows it after I have given it a repaint with some Tamiya XF-13 green acrylic paint, which I have tried to match with the bread bag.


The other pieces of equipment that I am using with this figure are a Toys City pistol and holster and a DiD leather belt, both of which have been given a repaint with some Matt Medium acrylic paint and then given a drybrush of some pastel chalks. The instructions of this are shown on my Alterations and Alterations 2 pages. I also used a DiD water bottle and the metal mess tin.


The main weapon for this figure is a metal MP40 machine pistol made by DiD. This was altered the same as the MP40 that i used with my German Pioneer figure. Because I did not like the flat look to the paintwork that it has, firstly gave it have given it a wash of thinned Black acrylic paint, the reason for this is to add some depth and shadows to the weapon.


The picture on the right shows the finished weapon, where once the wash was dry I then gave it a very light drybrush dust over with some Tamiya Gunmetal powder, to add some highlights and then on the wear points such as the trigger, cocking handle and the magazine areas I added a light drybrush of some Silver powder.

Various pictures of the figure

Assembled Figure

Stephan for his excellent help with the insignia on my figure, as he did some amazing work with it.

RogueJK for his excellent help with my German figures.

I have also had a lot of help in these forum posts regarding my figures - Forum post one and Forum post Two.


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