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This kitbash based on the DAM Royal Marine boxed figure, but I have also decided to add some extra items to the boxed figure.


The picture on the right that I found online, is my main reference source. Because it combines all of the parts, that I wanted to put together for this

kitbash. Such as the British MTP uniform, the DPM woodland ballistic vest and webbing plus the bungee cords that are holding the belt pouches in place.


The additional pieces that I am also adding to the figure, are a L110A1 Light Machine Gun (Minimi) from the DAM Afghanistan figure instead of the L85A2 rifle that the figure came with.


To also make the figure fully loaded, I am adding a Hot Toys DPM respirator pouch onto the waist belt. As well as an Armoury DPM ballistic vest and a Task Force MTP helmet.


1.  2.  3.

Picture 1. is the headsculpt that came with the boxed set, which I have not altered. Picture 2. shows how I have used the DAM beret from the boxed set, but the badge has to be repainted Black. In Picture 3. this shows the radio headset fitted to the head.


As with most of my figures that I have kitbashed so far, I have washed the uniform to lose the stiffness of the material as well as weathering the material - weathered uniforms. With the uniform I replaced the jumper that came in the boxed figure. Because the colour is wrong, so I have changed it for a darker one made by Armoury. I am also adding an Armoury DPM ballistic vest.


4.  5.

In Picture 4. these are the boots straight from the box, which look too new to me. So I have given them a wash of heavily diluted Light Brown acrylic paint to try to get them looking aged. I found that once that was dry it only altered the suede material slightly, so in Picture 5. on the left boot. I have given it a scrub with some Tamiya Mud weathering powder, rubbing harder on the rubber parts of the boot. I then gave the boot a drybrush of some Tamiya Light Sand weathering powder, to highlight some of the boot edges. The right boot has not been touched with the powder, to show the slight difference in colour from new.


With this figure I also wanted to use a Task Force CB helmet, which I will hang off the backpack. To replicate the rubber edge around the helmet edge. I have just cut a ring from an inner tube, it was awkward to fit it to the edge of the helmet. But it does help to hold the helmet cover in place, and it looks very realistic.


With the pouches for the waist belt straight from the box, they all look the same and too new. And as shown in the picture on the right, you can see how the bayonet cover and uniform jacket look newer, than the pouches.


So with the figure's pouches I have weathered each of them differently, some lighter and some darker to add variety to them. Although one will be left fairly new, suggesting it could be a replacement pouch.

In the pictures below I have begun to weather the individual pouches, in Picture 6. on the left and right are two Dragon DPM pouches. These have been sanded lightly to simulate wear, I have also done the same to the DAM bayonet cover. As a comparison in the middle is one of DAM pouches, that came straight from the box.


In Picture 7. are the new DAM pouches from the boxed set that are connected to the shoulder webbing harness, on the left is the three pouch pack that has been left untouched. The centre water bottle pouch has just been sanded lightly to look worn. The twin pouches on the right, have just had a light dusting or some Tamiya Light Sand weathering powder. The purpose of doing this is remove the new look the pouches had, and to hopefully show different states of wear with some old and some new.


6. 7.

I have also done the same with the webbing harness, firstly with a light sanding of all of the edges of it, as I am aiming for a slight worn and tattered look to them. I pressed slightly harder with the sandpaper in some places, to get to show a torn edge through wear. I also gently sanded the DPM material to make it look older.


8.  9.

Picture 8. shows the front of the pouches strapped onto the figure, along with two extra small Tan pouches. Picture 9. shows the weathered Dragon pouches on the back of the figure. With the equipment I have also used one of the spare bungee cords, that I had left over from assembling my Russian paratrooper figure. I have repainted these Green and Brown, and I am going to use them as shown here to hold the pouches in position.

10.   11. 12.

Picture 10. shows the pouches on the left rear of the figure, and the differences between the DPM pouches after I have weathered them. I have also added another Tan pouch on the leg of the figure. Picture 11. shows the pistol holster on the right leg, and again it shows the difference between the worn DPM pouches.


Picture 12. shows the weathered armour vest and the difference between it and the webbing. The sides of the webbing were sanded slightly to simulate wear, and rubbed lightly with the Tamiya Mud weathering powder. And then given a light drybrush of the Tamiya Light Sand weathering powder to add highlights.


The new rucksack has been weathered to make look it older, similar to the way that I have altered the pouches.

To help explain how I did this I have another page I made - Modern Alterations Page Six.



The pictures above show how I have added some extra pouches, as well as a bedroll, rocket launcher and a helmet. I have also used some re-painted bungee cords to hold it all in place.

I have finally got to put all of the parts together on the figure, which was a bit of a trial trying to get the straps adjusted to fit the rucksack. As I had to get them fitted around the waist pouches, especially with connecting the rucksack belly strap.

Assembled Figure

The main weapon for this figure is the L110A1 Light Machine Gun (Minimi), which has been given a light drybrush of both Black and Gunmetal Tamiya weathering powders. I have also had to make a new sling for the weapon, because the one that came with it is the wrong type.

I have also changed the DAM shoulder patches, for a pair that I bought from One Sixth Scale King.

Reference Material

Thank you to Dutch Holland and Heavee Dee for all of the help I have had with my Royal Marine figure.


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