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This figure is purely a selection from my spares box, to see what I could make from the bits. The headsculpt used here is the Cory Walker one. I had a 'happy accident' with this headsculpt, as I was trying out different methods of adding depth to the plain as bought face. And I gave it a wash of Dark Brown pastel chalks, and I accidentally let it dry off totally.

When I came back to it, I brushed over it with a dry tissue to try to remove it all, and I discovered that it left the dust in the facial creases. So I wet the tissue and then wiped over the headsculpt, and it amazed me with the detail that it brought out. Plus as it is a chalk type of material I used, I found it be could totally removed if I disliked it.


Update 14th January 2007

The kit list for this figure is a DML shirt and jacket, the trousers might be from them as well. But I got them in a trade, so I can't check the source. To also make this figure look different with these trousers, I used the low boots and no gaiters. The back pack is also from DML, with a re-painted shovel courtesy of Terry. Hanging around this I put the gas mask bag, as this was the only place I could think of storing it, because of the two large medic side pouches.


The belt, webbing straps, medic and .45 ammo pouches and boots are all from DiD. On to the belt I also added two DML water bottles, which have to have the CVI lift dots added to them. I have put the 3 pocket pouch from the DiD Ricky Foster figure onto the belt.


I have also used the two pouches from the DML Doc Peterson figure, the helmet is the DML medic one, with a DiD liner added to it. As it was looking to clean for me, plus with the red crosses looking too new. I decided to give the whole helmet a rub over with some fine sandpaper. Too dull the crosses down further, I gave them a coat of the Dullcote varnish.


I also put a DiD .45 pistol on the figure's belt, I am not sure if this is correct because I have found some conflicting evidence about whether medics could be armed. One source said that according to the Geneva Convention all medical troops must be unarmed. But the other source I read, said that in the European theatre, some medics were armed for their own and the casualties protection. Another item I had in my spares boxes, was the DML German medic's bag. This I put with the figure as it could represent captured equipment. Also to me it just looks different, being used with an American soldier.

This is the finished figure and I have weathered the uniform with a mixture of grout and Tamiya weathering powders.

I have found that the weathering powders adds another effect to the clothing, as I can add dirt and dust marks and darken inside the creases. And a combination of grout and a light sand colour, helps to bring out the top of the creases better.


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