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This page is about an excellent idea that a fellow modeller T.H.A.W. has come up with to solve the problem with mixing model paints, although I have not tried it myself it looks like it could be very helpful for any modellers who have to use a lot of paint. Because as I see it, by using the same paint in different bottles and mixing it for the same length of time, you should get a consistent paint thickness and colour.

The text below in italics came from Mike:

If any of you have as many bottles of paint on your shelf as I do, you get tired of mixing them and shaking your arm to death.
Here is a little D.I.Y. Paint Mixer/Shaker idea to help you.

What you need:

1 = standard sabre saw (blade removed)
1 = 4 1/2" Irwin Quick Grip Clamp = $5.67 at Home Depot, (or $17 for 2 @ Lowes...go figure :dizzy ) or, $1.00 each at Harbor Freight + shipping.

Insert the Quick Clamp into saw where the blade was. Make sure you tighten both screws!

Insert a wide variety of bottles, and "Mix" your paint with ease.

My saw has 2 speeds (Low & High). As I Airbrush with one bottle, I let the next bottle "mix" on LOW speed... If I need to swap out quick, I mix on HIGH for about 15 to 30 seconds. The grip is designed for "small" clamping jobs... I didn't need to mod anything, it fits right into the slot that the saw blade came out of perfect

I hope this helps someone out...

In the original links above to the clamps they are for shops in the USA, so for here in the UK I did a bit of searching around and I found that the clamps are sold here.

Irwin Clamps UK Homepage

Micro Bar Clamp

I did a search on eBay for these clamps and I found these for sale - Clamps


Many thanks to Mike (T.H.A.W) for this original idea and for allowing me to use it here.


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