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This particular model came about after I regretted having to sell my other Colonel figure, so I wanted to make another similar figure. But this time with the high leggings, rather than the other short ankle puttees I used before. So after looking at the picture on the right of General Dietl, I have used another Jones headsculpt that I bought loose, as it seems that it suits the look I want to get of an older officer. I decided to have the lower rank for this figure as an Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel), I was going to use a pair of shoulder boards on the camouflage jacket, but instead I have used a single rank patch on the left arm.


I have also added a small row of medals above the top tunic pocket. to represent an older soldier who has seen a lot of service.

I also wanted to try to get the uniform as close to the picture as well, by using a mixture of the different items from various manufacturers. I prefer to do this for my kitbashes as I get multiples of the best parts from each figure loose, rather than buying the one complete boxed figure.


The headsculpt was made by a company called Saturday Toys, and as shown below it has some very good facial detail with the folds and creases, plus a very good highlighted paint job on it. And this was perfect for an idea I had for this kitbash, of another older officer.

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

Picture 1. above right show the head with the factory highlighted paint work before I have given it a pastel wash, with the next one Picture 2. is after the application of the wash and a drybrush with some Flesh pastel chalks. This has now dulled the paint and added some darker depth to the face to balance out the highlights. Picture 3.  is where I have fitted a pair of glasses from the DiD Hanke figure.


With the uniform for this figure I have used a Toys City tunic with the Green collar, the trousers came from Dragon which are of a thin enough material to allow me to wrap the leggings over them. The cap is from Dragon as I prefer to use these, as the material is a lot thinner than some of the other caps I have seen. I am not sure where I got the metal gebirgsjager cap insignia from.

 6. 7.  8.

Picture 6. is the tunic with some of the medals from the DiD Keitel tunic that I bought loose, I have also used some other Dragon medals and awards. The collar and chest insignia came from Toys City.

Leggings and Boots

9. 10. 11.

The leggings for this figure came from the DiD Lutz Fedder figure that I bought loose, but I was not sure how the leggings fastened at the top of the leg. So I have sewn a pair of etched metal buckles onto the thin end of each legging, and to make sure that the buckle holds itself in place, I have cut one side of the buckle with my wire cutters in Picture 9. So that I can hold the legging top in place, the same way as I did with the Toys City puttees. It took me about four or five attempts on each leg to get the leggings wrapped as in Picture 10. Because I wanted to make sure that the top buckle, ended up on the outside centre of each leg. The boots for this figure are from Toys City, I have folded and creased them up a bit to add a little bit of wear to them, I have also changed the laces and tied them off. Picture 11. shows the leggings and boots after I have given them a drybrush of some Light Sand weathering powders to add some highlights.


12.  13.  14.  15.

The coat is from the Dragon Hermann Stahlschmidt figure that I got loose, and as I wanted the coat to be posed open. In picture 12. I have removed the large internal poppers, as well as swapping the buttons onto the other side. in picture 13. I have also had to make the button holes to match where the buttons would go. I have also added some double sided tape on the inside edges of the coat, because when I was checking the figure's pose, I could not stop the material edges from coming apart. I have also removed the button and cut the material under the lower pocket, so that I can pose the figure's hand into it


The coat will be weathered but not too much, because even though the officer may serve in the field like the lower ranked soldiers, he may take longer for the uniform to get dirty. So with this coat in picture 13. I have gently applied some Tamiya Light Sand Weathering Powder along the seam edges, pockets and the collar as shown above. The next picture 14. shows a CVI gebirgsjager badge fitted onto one arm, with a homemade rank badge fitted onto the other arm.

Equipment and Weapons

For this figure I wanted to again keep the parts to a minimum, so the only equipment that I have used are the binoculars, waist belt, pistol holster, woollen gloves and the walking stick.

16.  17.  18.

In Picture 16. the binoculars for this figure were made by DAM, which have a very nice detail on them, plus they have limited movement in the middle joint. I changed the neck strap for a longer piece of leather material, so that it hangs lower on the front of the figure. I have also given it a drybrush of some Light Sand weathering powders. The pistol and belt are I think from Toys City, the pistol holster was originally Brown in Picture 17. I have repainted it with some Black artists acrylic paint, as I wanted it to match the belt. They were then both given a drybrush of some Light Sand weathering powders to add some highlights. The gloves were fitted onto a pair of flexible DiD hands as I have done on my other figures.

Various pictures of the finished figure

I would like to thank both montaņes and RogueJK for their very generous help with some information about the leggings.


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