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This page is about how I put together my radio operator figure. This model is what I have wanted in my collection for a long time, and because I kept putting off getting a bbi Sparky Parsons figure. And when I finally decided to buy it, I could not get one, so I have had to kitbash it instead, with a variety of both DML and DiD parts. I have had this figure on my shelf for some months now, and it was when I came up with the idea for the helmet, did I take some interest in him again.


I have made a new page about how I have repainted the radio from this figure - Radio Repaint

The parts for this kitbash are a DML jacket, shirt and trousers and I can't remember what figure they are from as they were taken from my spares box. The equipment on the belt is again from DML, along with the ammo pouch and binoculars. The DiD parts are the musette bag, belt, water bottle, Thompson gun and despatch bag. The radio was bought separately because I could get hold of a boxed bbi Sparky Parsons figure. The boots are from Newline which I got in a trade, and after seeing them on my figure. I am now a complete convert to them, as the detailing on them is superb!!! And they really do add that extra finishing touch to a figure. The helmet idea I had, is a metal DiD shell I had left over from another kitbash, fitted over the DML jeep cap. As I have seen this done in a film I saw, and in a bored moment at work, I suddenly remembered it.

The pictures above and below show how the Dullcote has changed the appearance of the headsculpt. This was a major experiment for me, as I had not used it before and I was not sure what the result would be. As I wanted to keep the beard shadow as it was originally painted on the head. Because there is no way that I would be able to replace the paint if I ruined it. Once the headsculpt had dried off, I was astounded at the transformation from the original glossy finish I had on it. The only real headsculpt repainting I have done to the face other than this, is to touch up the top of the cheeks and nose with Daler-Rowney Artists acrylic Flesh Tint colour numbered 578


The thumbnails above show better how the Dullcote has worked on my figure. I have put some gloss varnish on the eyes and bottom lip, to make them stand out. But the more I look at the head, the more I realise that the eyes still look toy like, so I may have to re-touch them slightly at some time. Also, I now want at sometime to 'base' this figure, repaint and drybrush the radio and the helmet shell, add lift dots to the DML pouches. Plus add some pastel dust into the face creases to bring out the detail's even further, and put some grout dust onto the uniform as it is too clean for my liking.


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