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These are some screenshots I have saved from my copy of Band of Brothers DVD's, to hopefully help my fellow modellers with some reference pictures for the new DiD Albert Ross figure release.


Please Note: These pictures are supplied for model making purposes only and I am making no money from them. They are on this page for personal use only, not for any sort of commercial use. They are only supplied to my fellow modellers to assist with our knowledge of the US paratroopers. I have contacted the company that made the film to ask for permission to use these images, but I have heard nothing back from them.


Note: In the pictures below, the error regarding the DiD Albert Ross garrison cap can be seen. Because the one on the left worn by Capt Sobel has the correct colour piping for an officer, whereas the cap worn by Lt Nixon has the blue piping for an enlisted infantry soldier.


While looking around for more information about the officers garrison cap piping colours, I came across a full size cap being sold by Nicholas on ebay. I asked for and was given his very kind permission to use his images here, also I was supplied with a close up of the piping colours as below right and a very detailed description of the threads.

The text below is from the ebay auction and the excellent information from Nicholas.

ORIGINAL US Army Garrison Cap with early felt Parachutist patch and metal Lieutenant Bar. The Garrison cap is a size 7 and has gold cord piping. No glow under black light of any part of the patch, stitching or cap. There is a 1943 50 cent piece sewn into the patch (for luck I am told); a few of the threads holding the patch to the cap were loose, so I was able to remove the coin to examine it!


In my opinion, this is a WW2 era garrison cap. I am attaching as close up a jpg as I can get. You are welcome to use it in any way you wish. Under a loupe, it appears to be a solid woven black cord with gold woven in every third stitch (two black -- one gold -- two black -- one gold, etc). The black is made up of several threads and the gold is flat but the same width as the black cord.... Hope that makes sense.

I would like to say if I may many thanks to Nicholas from all of the 1/6th scale US airborne modellers.

Band Of Brothers


Many thanks for both the series and the images from HBO Productions.

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