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This page is about how I get my screenshots for my reference pictures for my kitbashes. Note: I am not sure about the legality of how I do this, as I am unsure if this is a breach of Copyright or not, but seeing as I own the films I am watching. I am sure that I can take images from it, to use with my figures. As I am only using them on my website for model making purposes.


The main program I use to view the films on my computer is called VLC Media Player, and personally I have been using for quite a while as it seems to work well with all my DVD films, plus I have found it very easy to use.

VLC Media Player Program


1.   2.   3.   4. 5.

With the program when I use it, I click on the icon on my Desktop for VLC Media Player and I get the screen as shown Picture 1, I press Play and I get the screen as shown in Picture 2. I then click on the Disc tab to get to Picture 3, as my L: drive is my default DVD player that has already been selected, I then just press the Play button at the bottom.


Note: Picture 4 is just for information purposes to show how I have changed the default location, for the screenshots to be saved to. This screen can be accessed from the main screen - Tools, Preferences. Then use the slider button on the right, to move down to about halfway down the screen. For my purposes I save all of my screenshots to a folder on my E: Drive, Capture. I also changed the Video Snapshot Format to .jpg.


Picture 5 above shows how to take a Snapshot of the film being played, an example of the snapshot is shown below. Note: The image is a lot clearer than this one, as I took it while the film was in motion and i also had to resize it for this page. I usually press the Pause button before taking a screenshot.


Picture 6 above is a sample screenshot I took of the film A Bridge Too Far.


Picture 7 above is another sample screenshot I took of A Bridge Too Far, but this time I used the Left arrow button on the slider at the bottom of the screen being viewed to slow the film down. I have found this a very handy feature to get some of my more detailed reference material shots. To speed the film back up again, I click on the Right Arrow button to make it return to normal speed.

In the pictures above I have taken some snapshots of the film Stalingrad, for a future kitbash I have planned. With these pictures I took the original snapshot and loaded it into a photo editing program I have, I used the Crop Tool to select the area I wanted, resized it and saved it as a new picture. I have used the same method to make my Reference and Reference2 pages.


Please Note: This page is not here to encourage video piracy.

I use this method and program named above, to obtain reference material for my figures only, and I accept no responsibility for any other use of these images, once they have been removed from my website. If I have breached any Copyright laws, I will remove the images and information above if asked.

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