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This page I have made is to show the comparisons between the Very Hot nude bodies I have recently bought, as well as a Soldier Story, DiD early body and a Dragon Neo 2 body. Note: I am mainly a kitbasher for my figures, and I seldom make any figure straight from the box, so I am always on the look out for something different.

Update - A very good post is also on the OSW forum, about which heads can be fitted to which bodies - Male Bodies.

Very Hot Bodies

With the three bodies that I bought from this ebay seller - FZToyz. One was a Narrow shoulder body (B001) at 14.68, with the other two are the Normal shoulder bodies (B002) at 14.10. Picture 1. shows both of the Normal nude bodies together, it also shows the two types of head adapters that are supplied with the bodies. In Picture 2. the narrow shoulder body is on the left, a Dragon Neo2 body in the middle and a Normal body on the right.

1.  2.

I did get confused at one point as to what body was which, and it was not until I looked at Picture 3. did I realise that the only difference in the two bodies is the ball joint at the shoulder. Otherwise both bodies use the same common parts and joints to make them.

3.  4. 5.

Picture 4. shows the hands that come with each figure, the detail of the hands is good. But I have found on closer examination, that there are some raised seam lines from where the hands were moulded. But then this is no different to some of the other manufacturers items. The pins that go into the arms, have to have a gentle heat applied to them, such as a hairdryer or hot water to make changing the hands easier.

Picture 5. shows the other parts. Such as a another pair of hands with pegs, a single right hand without a peg, another neck joint and connector. As well as two pieces to add to the thighs, to bulk out the legs.

Shoulder Movement

6. 7. 8.

What I have forgotten to show with these bodies is the range of movement, that there is in both the raised and lowered position of the shoulders. Picture 6. is of the Normal body shoulders in the raised position, with Picture 7. showing the same body with the shoulders in the lowered position. Picture 8. is of the other Narrow body shoulder in the raised position, with the picture on the right showing the same body in the lowered shoulders position.


Although you can buy a complete body with a head from the same eBay seller for 16.45, I bought the headless bodies as I wanted to use various other companies headsculpts with the bodies instead. As an experiment I wanted to see how some of the heads I have here would fit onto the bodies.


Picture 9. is a DiD head on one of the Very Hot neck posts, to see how it looks and how much it may have to be altered for it to be fitted. Note: I have tried an unaltered DiD head on the Very Hot neck post at this time, and some of the material inside the neck may have to be removed to get it to fit.

9.  10. 11.  12. 13. 

Picture 10. shows another DiD head, but this time I have removed some of the plastic material inside the neck, and I have found that it will now just push down over the top of the neck post. Picture 11. & 12. is a Dragon headsculpt, that again I have removed some of the inside of the neck, so this will also press tightly onto the Very Hot neck post. Picture 13. and the picture on the right are of an ACI headsculpt that I have here, which again has been altered which also pushes tightly onto the neck post.


In Picture 5. above is the other type of head/ neck connector that comes with the figures I bought, and I tried this with a Soldier Story headsculpt. But I found that the ball joint is too big to fit the headsculpt onto it. I don't have here any other heads that use this type of connector, so I am unsure as to which head this fits onto. Note: See the section at the bottom of this page for the use of this adapter.

Very Hot Bodies Movement

14.  15.  16.

In these pictures I have posed a Very Hot body alongside a Dragon Neo2 body, to see what kind of movement I can get from both of them, and how they compare against each other. This is because although they are both good stock for a kitbash, like 1stLooey I like to see if I can get a better figure pose, with some body alterations

17.  18.  19.

Picture 14. is the basic fold up of the arms onto the chest of both figures, and I have found that the arms close up better on the Very Hot body. Picture 15. is the fold up of both bodies at the knee joint, and again there is a better movement in the Very Hot body. With Picture 16. showing how I can get a crouched and closed up look to both bodies. Note: Compare this to the altered pose that 1stLooey obtained with his mortar crew at the bottom of this page.


Picture 17. is the front view of Picture 14. to show the type of pose I can get from both figures. Picture 18. is the basic unaltered shooting pose from a Dragon Neo2 body, I have improved on this on my Shooting page. Picture 19. shows the very Hot figure with the same rifle in a shooting pose, and I have found that there is a little bit more movement in the arms, shoulder and wrist joints to get this pose.


The picture on the right show three different 1/6th body types as a comparison. And I have marked behind them lines at 10 inches, 11 inches and 12 inches from the worktop.


On the left is the standard Soldier story body, next to it is the Very Hot Normal body with a DiD head fitted. Which makes it look a lot taller because it has a longer neck. The last figure is a standard Dragon Neo2 body and headsculpt.

Very Hot Bodies & Tunics

In the picture below, I have used three of the same Dragon tunics I have here to show how the bodies look with them. The reason for doing this, is that I have one consistent item such as the tunic. And I can then show how the different bodies fill it out.


A on the left is the Very Hot Normal body, with the larger ball joint at the shoulder. Which gives the body a large bulky and muscular look to it.

B in the middle is the Very Hot Narrow body also with a Dragon tunic, and the smaller shoulder ball joint. And by comparing the two models together here, I can now see how the ball joints affect the build of the bodies. Even though everything else about them is the same, as the manufacturer has used the same common parts to build the rest of the body.

C on the right is the Dragon Neo2 body, again with the same Dragon tunic as the others. And you can see how different the Dragon body is, both in the overall height as well as the body build.

20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Picture 20. Very Hot Normal body, Picture 21. Very Hot Narrow shoulder body, Picture 22. both Very Hot bodies, Picture 23. Very Hot Normal bodies and a Soldier Story body, Picture 24. Very Hot Normal bodies and a Dragon body.

Very Hot Body & Soldier Story Head

I have just seen a post on the OSW forum by Marine Boy, about how a modeller has fitted a Soldier Story head onto a Hot Toys body - Soldier Story Head. And I got to wondering this type of body and the adapter, could take a Soldier Story headsculpt. As I have read on another post, that these bodies are clones of the Hot Toys bodies - Body. So I would presume that the Hot Toys heads can be fitted onto the Very Hot  bodies.

25.  26.  27.  28.  

In the pictures above I have followed the instructions by Marine Boy, Picture 25. is the untouched head adapter. Picture 26. is where I have separated each half of the adapter, Picture 27. shows where I have removed the top neck connector and the bushing it fits into, and I have fitted the neck connector so that the larger ball is now inside the neck adapter. Picture 28. shows the Very Hot head connector, next to a Soldier Story head connector, which is almost the same size.

29.    30. 31.

Picture 29. shows the neck adapter when I have glued it back together, one problem I did find is that the end that is in the neck adapter is very loose. But I found that when I connected it to the Soldier Story headsculpt, the whole top of the neck adapter fits tightly into the headsculpt, which helps to tighten up the lower part of the neck connector. Picture 30. & 31. shows the neck adapter fitted back onto the body, with the Soldier Story head.

Because of the size of this project and to help the pages load faster, I have had to spread the information over three pages.

* Update: 27th January 2016

One item that I have used with my figures, to connect the different heads to different bodies was a replacement neck peg that was made by cadratproductions. But, I have just found out that they have stopped production of the neck pegs, so I have had a look around to see if anyone else makes something similar. And I found the replacement neck & foot pegs as below, made by Delusional Designs via Shapeways.


1:6 scale Hot Toys foot to Soldier Story ankle 2x

1:6 scale Soldier Story head to Hot Toys neck peg

1:6 scale Female Neck Peg 12x

1:6 scale Hot Toys neck peg replacement

1:6 scale Hot Toys Foot Peg Improved

1:6 scale Hot Toys head to Soldier Story neck peg

1:6 scale Soldier Story replacement Neck Peg

1:6 scale Hot Toys foot to Soldier Story ankle peg

Hot Toys Ankle-extender

TTL Longer Neck Peg

1:6 scale Hot Toys Head to Soldier Story Body Neck

1:6 scale Female Neck Peg

1:6 scale Soldier Story Neck Peg Replacement 3x

1:6 scale Soldier Story Head Hot Toys Body Neck Peg

1:6 scale Soldier Story foot to Hot Toys Ankle Peg

1:6 scale Hot Toys Neck Peg 2x

Final Opinion

I do like this Very Hot type of body, as it allows me a some variety into my figures, with both the build and posing. As well as the way that the Soldier Story heads can be fitted, and possibly the Hot Toys heads as well. Plus at the price for the nude figure I also get not only one pair of hands with it. But another pair and one single hand for a variety of hand poses. There are also two types of head connector included, which I believe can accommodate some of the commercial headsculpt types.

My Final Observations

Looking again at the pictures above, with how much taller the Very Hot body is compared to the other figures. I got to wondering about how a company could make some money from these nude figures. Because if they could make a figure where there are various different sized clip in inserts in the leg above and below the knee, as well as in the arms above and below the elbows. You could then with a combination of the inserts have a figure that could have an overall height, that varies between the figures shown here. So that as an example, from one figure you could choose for it to be either a small 1/6th scale 5 foot 2 inches in height (figure on the left), a medium 1/6th scale 5 foot 7 inches in height (figure on the right), up to a tall 1/6th scale 6 foot in height (figure in the centre).

Continued on Page Two - Very Hot Bodies Page 2

Many thanks to Ed (1stLooey)for the idea about the body modifications on these pages - Body Mods1 & Body Mods2.

And thanks to Gordon for allowing me to use his images on this page - Gordon's Body Mods.

An excellent video by T.H.A.W. about how to do the body modifications.

Thanks to Marine Boy for the idea about changing the neck adapter to fit the Soldier Story head.

A very good post is also on the OSW forum, about which heads can be fitted to which bodies - Male Bodies.


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