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This page is a continuation of my other page based on the Very Hot bodies that I bought from this ebay seller - FZToyz. One was a Narrow shoulder body (B001), with the other two bodies are the Normal shoulder bodies (B002). I found on the other page I made, that I can with some adaptation I can use a Soldier Story headsculpt. But I got to wondering, if I could use a DAM headsculpt with this type of body.

Very Hot Bodies & Hot Toys Head

I read on an OSW forum post - Head & Body, that these Very Hot bodies can also fit the Hot Toys headsculpts. So with the only nude Hot Toys body I have, I wanted to see if the head will fit the body.

1. 2. 3.     4.

In Picture 1. it shows the connector for the Hot Toys head & body I have here, and by removing the head I have found it will fit onto the Very Hot neck connector in Picture 2. and then onto the body. I was also curious if the Hot Toys hands would fit onto this body, and in Picture 3. I found that the Hot Toys early wrist pin is too long to fit into the Very Hot wrist. Picture 4. shows the boot and pin from the Hot Toys Figure I have, which cannot be fitted to the ankle ball joint of the Very Hot body.

Very Hot Bodies & Hot Toys Hands

In the picture on the right, I have a Very Hot hand that came with the figure. Next to it is one of a pair of fist hands from the Hot Toys Bruce Lee figure I bought loose. I have tried it and the pair of Hot Toys hands with this type of wrist pin, fit very well into the Very Hot wrist connection.

Soldier Story Body and DAM Head

I bought a DAM head recently as I liked the shouting expression it has, but before I bought it I enquired on the OSW forum. About how it could be fitted onto the Very Hot body that I have. And after having some help from Davinator65 on the forum, he pointed me to a source of the different head connectors - Adapters.

5. 6. 7. 8.

With the DAM head I wanted to see if it would fit onto a Soldier Story body, Pictures 5. & 6. are of the Soldier Story head and Soldier Story body assembled. Pictures 7. & 8. are of the DAM head fitted onto the Soldier Story body, the peg connecting the two items is the standard Soldier Story head pin. Note: The connection pin fits and the neck fits into the head, but there is a slight up and down movement of the head. And as shown in the pictures 7. & 8. above, the DAM head does fit at the same height as the Soldier Story head.

Very Hot Body and Neck Pin

9. 10. 11. 12.  

The pictures here are of an experiment by me to see if I could get the DAM head fitted onto the Very Hot neck adapter. Picture 9. is of the Very Hot neck adapter taken apart, and one of the cadratproductions neck pins from the bbi set I bought fitted. Picture 10. shows the neck adapter re-assembled and put on the Very Hot body. Pictures 11. & 12. show the DAM head on the body, I did find that the top of the neck adapter just fits into the base of the head. So if I want a better fit, I would have to sand the top of the neck adapter a bit, so that it fits inside the head a bit better.

Update: See Delusional Designs for replacement 3D printed neck & foot pegs, because cadratproductions neck pins are no longer being made.

Very Hot Body with a DAM Neck Adapter and a Dam Head

13.  14. 15. 16.

Again as another experiment by me, I bought a loose DAM neck adapter and pin, to see if the neck adapter can be fitted to the Very Hot body.

What I do like about the DAM head I have, is that in Picture 13. there is a soft plastic ring that fits into the head, which makes fitting the neck pins easier. Picture 14. is looking forward, Picture 15. is looking left, with Picture 16. looking right.

17. 18. 19. 20.

I did find that the DAM neck adapter is a straight but tight fit, onto the body pin of the Very Hot body. And as shown above the neck adapter has very little movement, once in place. To improve on this, I would have to grind off some of the chest and back of the body, with my model drill so that I could get a better range of movement for the neck adapter.

As the neck and body are at the moment, Picture 17. shows the full movement forward of the DAM neck adapter. Picture 18. is the full forward movement of the DAM head. Picture 19. shows how far the neck adapter can move backwards, with the DAM head in Picture 20. tilted back as far as it can go.

Very Hot Body and DAM head

Another DAM headsculpt that I have bought loose recently is shown on the right, and this was a very nice surprise for me as I found that head came with the bottom round adapter as well. Plus it just pushed straight onto the body pin of the Very Hot body.

Very Hot Body and DAM hands

I wanted to use some DAM gloved hands with the Very Hot figure, but I found that the pegs that fit into the wrist joint are a little bit loose. So I put some Poly Glue 'Mix' as shown in Picture 21. below onto the hands wrist pegs, which I let dry for 24 hours so that the liquid plastic has hardened. So that when I fitted it back into the Very Hot body wrist connections, they now have a tighter fit into the wrist.


Note: Poly Glue 'Mix' - This pot 31. is a mix of the liquid poly glue 30. & 32. as well as some scraps of plastic such as sprue added to it, the purpose of this is that the glue melts down the plastic over time to make a liquid plastic. And once it hardens it becomes part of the model itself, and I have found that with 1/6th scale plastic weapons if I have broken them in some way this glue can repair them far better than Superglue ever could.

21. 22.  23. 

Picture 22. shows two of the Very Hot wrist pegs that came with the hands, the bottom one is before I have added the glue to the peg. The top wrist peg has had the glue applied to it to bulk it out, so that it will fit better into the Very Hot figure's wrist joint. I also found that the pegs that go into the DAM gloves have also become loose, so I have had to glue them in place. Picture 23. shows the glue I used which is stronger than superglue, which I have found that it does not work well with these types of plastic.

My Final Observations

I do like this type of Very Hot body as it has a lot of movement, so that I can get quite a few poses from a figure, without having to alter the body too much with my model drill. It also opens up the possibility of using a lot of different headsculpts, that I could not use before such as the new DAM heads. Because the connection would not work with my Dragon Neo2 bodies. Also I have found that these Very Hot bodies can be a lot cheaper to buy as they come complete, rather than having to buy something like a DAM nude body. And then having to buy the hands and feet separately.

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