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This page is again a continuation of my other pages based on the Very Hot bodies. But for this page, I am using the DAM body I got with my boxed DAM Vympel figure to see what other company's heads can be used with it.

DAM Body & DAM Head

1.  2. 

Picture 1. shows the head in place which came with my boxed DAM Vympel figure, with Picture 2. showing the headsculpt with the adapter

after I have removed the head from the body.

DAM Body & Soldier Story Head

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Picture 3. shows the Very Hot neck adapter that I was curious about and whether it would fit onto the DAM body, so in Picture 4. I trial fitted it and found that it worked. Then to get the Soldier Story head onto the Very Hot neck adapter, in Picture 5. I fitted one of the cadratproductions neck pins from the bbi set I bought. Picture 6. shows the head in place on the DAM body.

DAM Body & Other Heads

7 8.    9. 10. 11.

As another experiment I wanted to see what other heads can be used with the DAM body, one that I tried is in Picture 7. which is the Hermann Hanke head made by DiD. And just like the DAM head, it also comes with an adapter and it is a straight plug-in onto the DAM neck pin. The next head is another one made by DAM, which again came with the bottom adapter so it was just an easy connection to the body.


The head in Picture 9. was again made by DAM, but unlike the DAM Vympel head shown above it does not come made with the neck. Because it has a head/neck joint similar to the Soldier Story head. So I have had to buy a separate neck adapter made by DAM, so that I could fit it to the Very Hot bodies that I have. When I tried this head on the DAM body it was a straight forward fit as shown.


As another experiment I tried the Very Hot neck adapter I have on the DAM body, and I found that with a slight struggle that it will fit straight onto the DAM neck pin. I also found that the other Very Hot pin to fit the head to the neck adapter, will fit into the DAM head with no problems. Because inside the DAM head, there is a soft plastic adapter as in Picture 10. That will expand slightly to allow the ball to fit, and will also still allow the adapter to fit inside the DAM head and create a tight fit for everything.

DAM Body & Other Hands

As another experiment I wanted to see what hands can be used with the DAM bodies, as the DAM hands have a thin peg to fit into the wrist joint.

Dragon & bbi Hands

12.  13.  14. 

I found out as shown in Picture 12. that Dragon hands fit tightly into the DAM wrist joints. Which also opens up the possibility of using DiD hands with a DAM figure as well. Because by changing the centre wrist pin on a Dragon hand as shown in Picture 13. I can then use a DiD hand on a Dragon wrist pin, which can then be fitted into the DAM wrist connector. Another experiment I tried was with a bbi hand as shown in Picture 14. And again because of the thin wrist pin, the hand just slips into the DAM wrist connector very easily.

Soldier Story Hands

15.  16. 

I have also tried some Soldier Story hands with the DAM body, and as shown in Picture 15. the wrist pin fits easily into the DAM wrist connector. The only problem I found with the wrist pin is shown in Picture 16. With how it is just a little bit too long and it leaves a gap at the wrist, so the pin may need to have the pin end cut off slightly to close the gap.


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