Welcome To My Tamiya Weathering Powders Page.

This is my page on how I have found these items very useful, I learned about them from a forum and I bought them as I thought I might be able to use them at some time. To see the full range this is the page from Tamiya. Tamiya Powders

A good website I found to purchase the powders from is here, as they carry the A and B sets here in the UK.

The pictures above show the actual powders, the picture on the right shows the Snow one that I have used on my DiD MG42 machine gun below. I am very impressed with the detail that it has added to the weapon. I was going to use some type of paint to get this effect, but I am glad that I used these powders first. Because, I was trying to get the effect of a camouflaged gun with a winter whitewash. But not the heavy look that paint can give it, as I was thinking that in real life if it is too heavy it could gum up the works. Note: One thing that I have just thought about after doing this, is that I have not added any Gunmetal effects to the gun. As with all my model weapons, I give them a drybrush of Gunmetal paint to emphasise the edges and wear points first. But, thinking about the whitewash camouflage, it would cover that up anyway, so this will teach me to get carried away.


The effect above was obtained with just a quick wipe over with the Snow powder, since taking these pictures I have added a deeper white colouring to the gun, especially around the barrel and front of it. This has also amazed me with how it has worked on the sling for the weapon, so I will be using it on the webbing and pouches on my Hans Ebner figure.

This was one thing that was worrying me with that figure, because I wanted a whitewash effect on the straps but I was not sure what I was going to use to get the effect. But after seeing this result, I am quite looking forward to trying it out on the pouches. Note: I wonder what effect the Sand powder would have on modern model firearms, especially with Iraq figures? If anyone tries it, can they let me know?

Below are the belt, straps and equipment for the Hans Ebner figure I am kitbashing. And I have just given the parts a basic wipe over with the Snow powder and it has done exactly what I wanted. I am amazed at the results on the cloth pouches below right, as I am sure I could never have got the same results with just paint.

I have noticed on this website anticsonline that they also carry other weathering powders, so I will have to see about getting some of them, to see what other effects I can get with my figures. I have also tried the other Tamiya powders I have on my Medic figure's uniform. Note: One problem I have found with the foam brush that is supplied in the sets is, that when used on a large scale weapon like this is it tears it up especially if you scrub with it. So get around this I used a cotton bud to apply some of the powders, and I found that it is a much better tool to use.


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