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This page has the pictures that I took of the various re-enactors (Living History) I both saw and talked to, And what impressed me the most was just how friendly they were and only too happy to allow me to take the pictures, plus how knowledgeable they were about their vehicles, units and uniforms. Thank you to everyone for your help.

Note: These pictures are not for commercial use, they are supplied for reference purposes for making model figures only.

The links to each section and the pictures are all Thumbnail's please click on them to enlarge.

 Falklands     25 Pounder     British     LRDG Jeeps     Ferret Armoured Car     Jeeps     Tanks     Land Rovers     Various Photographs    

Falklands Living History Group


These pictures are of the British Falklands group, and these gentlemen were the main reason that I attended the show. As I have not seen a group like this before, and they would be a great source of reference material for my fellow modellers.

Thank you to everyone in the group, for all of your help.

I deeply regret not getting back to the group again during my second day at the Capel show, as i was so distracted in trying to get more photos of the other groups and vehicles. After I lost the whole previous day's photos, because my camera SD card somehow became corrupted, and my computer would not see it.

Quad Tractor and 25 Pounder Gun


These pictures are of the Canadian Quad tractor, limber and 25 pounder gun, that I found by accident in a seperate display field on my second day at Capel.


British WW2 Airborne


These are photos I took of a British WW2 airborne group, and I have assembled most of the photos I took here, in one place to save space. I was also amazed, to find the front part of a Horsa glider with a jeep in it. As well as mannequins used for the gun crew.

LRDG Jeeps

These pictures are of the WW2 British LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) Living History group, and again I was amazed at the level of detail the people put into their display. And they were very generous in both their time, and also allowing me access, to be able to photograph the vehicles.


Ferret Armoured Car

These are pictures I took of the Ferret armoured cars.



These are the some pictures of the various jeeps at the show.




These are some pictures of the tanks i saw.


Land Rovers

These are some pictures of the various military adapted Land Rover vehicles at the show.



Various Photographs




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