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Because of the size that this website has grown to, I have had to make a sitemap of it and all new entries are marked *

Equipment Alterations Page One

Helmet Alterations

Gloved Hands

Boot Alterations

Boots & Gaiters


Equipment Alterations

Dust Effects

Gas Mask Canister








Equipment Alterations Page Two

Mess Tin

Shoulder Bag

Bread Bag

M43 Cap

MG Case

'Y' Strap

Map Case

Gebirgsjager Backpack

Gebirgsjager Gaiters

Gebirgsjager Trousers

Repainting DiD Boots


Belt Buckles

Soldier Story Cap

Equipment Alterations Page Three

Heer Smock Weathering

Helmet Cover Weathering

Jackboots Weathering

Binoculars Cover

Sniper Veil

Telescopic Sight Cover

Wrapped Rifle








Equipment Alterations Page Four

'A' Frame

Crampon Alterations

White Winter Uniform

Soldier Story Boots



Equipment Alterations Page Five

DiD Ice Pick Alterations

Toy City Holster

White M43 Cap Cover

MP40 Magazine Pouches

bbi Gebirgsjager Backpack

Equipment Alterations Page Six

Pioneer Tool Cases

DAK Cloth Belts

KAR 98 Bayonet Conversions



Equipment Alterations Page Seven

Rolled Up Sleeves

Tony Barton Resin Arms

Shoulder Boards

German Rank Shoulder Board

Shovel & Rifle Support

Sniper Face Mask

Equipment Alterations Page Eight

Winter Suit Weathering

SS Uniform Weathering

Soldier Story Boots & Gaiters on a DiD Body

DiD Ammunition Belt



Modern Equipment Alterations Page One

   Spetsnaz Modern Russian Webbing

   KGB Hobby AK-74M Rifle

   KGB Hobby OMAN Boots




Modern Equipment Alterations Page Two

4D AKS-74 Assault Rifle

4D SDV Sniper's Rifle




Modern Equipment Alterations Page Three

    DAM Korund VM Armour Vest

    Russian Spetsnaz Medic Pouches

    Dam Boot Laces

    Universal Belt Pouches


Modern Equipment Alterations Page Four

 KGB Hobby Gas Mask

 Riot Helmet Damage

 DiD Shovel & DAM Cover



Modern Equipment Alterations Page Five

Modern Russian Parachute Alterations

Modern Equipment Alterations Page Six

Modern British Pouch & Bergen Alterations

Modern Equipment Alterations Page Seven

DAM FSB Boots Repaint

German Figure pages

Hans Ebner

Herman Weber

HE-111 Pilot


Heer Officer

Radio Operator

Heer Cable Layer

Gebirgsjager Pioneer

SS Gebirgsjager

SS Military Police

The 'Old Man'

Gebirgsjager Climber

Gebirgsjager Colonel

Gebirgsjager Medic

Gebirgsjager Mountaineer

Gebirgsjager Mountaineer 2

Heer Sniper

Ski Jager

Gebirgsjager Radio Man

Heer Officer 2

Radio Operator 2

Clearing The Ruins

Equipment Alterations pages

German Backpack Changes 1

German Backpack Changes 2

German Backpack Changes 3

Gebirgsjager Ropes & Knots

Gebirgsjager Ropes & Knots 2

Ski Alterations 1

Ski Alterations 2

German Cable Layer

German Cable Layer 2

Torn fu.d2 Radio Changes

Torn Fu.d2 Radio Changes 2

German Uniform Information

German Insignia Information

Kleinfunksprecher d “Dorette” Radio

Kleinfunksprecher d “Dorette” Radio 2

*Modern Russian Gas Mask Repaint

How To Pages

Tony Barton Head Changes

Tony Barton Hairy Heads

Tony Barton Hairy Heads 2

Tony's Painted Heads

How To Pages

1st Looey's Body Changes

Ed's Body Alterations

Ed's Body Alterations 2

How To Pages

T.H.A.W. YouTube Information Pages

Head Repainting

Body Modifications

Allied Vehicle Pages

Universal Carrier

US M3 Stuart Tank

Sherman Based Vehicles

Chaffee Tank

US M3 Halftrack

Dingo Car

25 Pounder Gun

Austin Champ Car

Chaffee Tank


Allied Figure Pages

Bayonet Duel

Bayonet Duel 2

Carrying Casualty

Carrying Casualty 2

Corbin Black

Corbin Black 2

Oriental US Paratrooper

Paratrooper & Bazooka

Pre Drop Paratrooper

Red Ball Express

Stan Wiley US MP

'Triple Nickels' Paratrooper

US Airborne Medic

US Radio Operator

US Army Medic

US Tank Crewman

US Ardennes Figure

US Class A Uniform

US Tank Mechanic

US Paratrooper Pathfinder

British Military Police

British Paratrooper

British Paratrooper 2

British Sniper

Russian Soldier

Internet Reference Links

Model Parts


Military Units

Militaria & Posters

Modelling Help

Allied Vehicles

Axis Vehicles

Model Forums

Computer Help

How To Pages


1/6th Scale Bricks

Modelling Tools

PVA Glue

Motorbike Page

Figure Poses

Figure Bases

Cork Bark Mountains

Mountaineer Diorama

Information Page


Body Alterations

Heads & Adapters

Ski Jager Base

Paint Mixer Page

Tamiya Powders

Axis Vehicle Pages            

Sdfkz Halftrack

Panzer III & IV

King Tiger

1/6th Dora Rail Gun

Information Pages

My PDF Files

My Figure Gallery

Band of Brothers Reference

Band Of Brothers Reference 2

Modern Figures

Train Maintainer

Russian Spetsnaz Soldier 1

Russian Spetsnaz Soldier 2

Russian Spetsnaz Soldier 3

Russian Spetsnaz Soldier 4

Russian Paratrooper & Parachute

British Royal Marine

Russian Crimea Airborne Soldier

How To Pages


Bulky Figures

Hand Pin Changes

Dusty Uniforms

Edward Steiner

Soldat2 Assembly

My Kitbash Gallery

Pastel Chalk Head Washes

Wrist Joints

Gordon's Fixed Figure Poses

Very Hot Bodies 1

Very Hot Bodies 2

Very Hot Bodies 3

Gloved Hands

*DiD Body + Alert Line Headsculpt

How To Pages


Albert Ross

Bowman Jacket

DiD Boot Changes

Flocked Gloves

Bomber Jacket Art

US M42 Jacket + 7

US A2 Jacket Uniform

US M42 Uniform

US Class A Uniform

Worn Uniforms

Press Stud Covers

British Uniforms 1

British Uniforms 2

British Tank Suit Upgrade

Weathering Uniforms - Step By Step

How To Pages

US Equipment

Cut Down Bayonets

US SCR - 300 Radio

US M1 Flamethrower

Thompson Pouches

US Helmet Changes

Lift Dots

Jeb Parachute

Laird Parachute

How To Pages


US M1 Carbine Changes

Rifle Firing Pose

Wooden Stocks

Wooden Stocks 2

Wrapped Rifles

Other Vehicle Pages            

Field Artillery

Various Vehicles

Modern Vehicles


Willys Jeep Page

Willys Jeep 2 Page

Gun Mounts Page

Other Information Pages

US Paratroopers

Detling 2007

Detling 2008

Detling 2011

*Capel 2022


Many thanks to everyone who has either supplied information or images to help me with these pages.

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