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This is my motorbike that I got from Tez, and I have decided to use it with my latest modern figure. I am not sure who made the bike model and although it came painted green. I have repainted it with Humbrol enamel paint, and then drybrushed it with a lighter shade of the same colour.


The figure that I am going to use for the rider is the DiD Kurt Dorr one, the uniform is mainly Armoury parts, with a DML Mel belt, pouches and bayonet. The backpack is the one I made on my daysack PDF, I had been wondering where I was going use this backpack and this figure seemed to me to be just the one for it and the boots are from Hot Toys.

On the back of the bike I wanted to have some sort of cargo, I had some DML pouches spare I wanted to use. But, it was how to get them fitted to the bike was the main problem. I got around this by, firstly making up a square of plastic rod onto which I threaded the side pouch straps and then gluing the rod ends together. Secondly, I cut 2 small slots in the sides of the rear mudguard, then through those I put a webbing strap as shown in the picture below left.  This strap then came up through the side pouches and over the rod, and through the straps of the top pouch, I then put a buckle on the webbing end and then tightened it in place. The other two pouches are held in place with bungee cords as shown in the picture below right.

The pictures below show the rider I have used for this model. I wanted to use this figure and headsculpt, as I wanted to add a sense or urgency to the kitbash. This where the flexible hands came in handy, as it allowed me to have the figure pointing. Also the pictures show how I have used the daysack pouches, as there is very little space for storage on the bike. The last thing I have to really do with this model is to dirty it up a bit, as at the moment both the bike and the rider are too clean for me. One way that I am hoping to add dirt to the motorbike, is by using the method I use for my bases. This is with a mix of Polyfilla and PVA glue, which I want to add to the underneath and lower sides of the bike. Also, some of it will be applied to the boots and legs of the rider, to make it look like some mud had sprayed up onto him. This will then be painted in various shades of brown, to make it look like dried on mud. Also, I am thinking about using gloss enamel varnish, to simulate wet mud on the tyres.




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