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Alert Line Head  + DiD Body Adapter

Even though I said I have sort of dropped out of the hobby at the moment, I just wanted to see as an experiment if I could use the spare Dragon Neo 2 bodies I have here spare with these heads. Since I prefer to use the older Dragon bodies for my kitbashes, as I have found them both cheaper to buy, plus also for my purposes they are a lot easier to adapt to get better body shapes and poses. Plus they don't have the standard 1/6th body shape of a 6 foot, built like a brick out house look to them either.

Body Neck Connectors

1.  2.   3.  4. 

Picture 1. is the main body I use for my figures which is the older Dragon Neo2 type, the neck connector for this is shown above. In Picture 2. this is the neck connector for the Figures Home nude body I have, which I bought out of curiosity to see how close it is to the Dragon body. And I found that these are very similar to the older Dragon bodies I have, and with the one I have here as a spare it compares well to it.


The only real difference I have found with the Figures Home body is they don't have the joint in the foot like the Dragon bodies have, and the leg to hip joints are slightly slack which leads to shelf diving. Although I have found that they are slightly taller at the shoulders, when alongside a Dragon figure. In Picture 3. this is the neck for the DiD body, and with the hard plastic connector I have found that it takes a lot to cut and sand it down to accept the other manufacturers headsculpts.

Fitting a Soldier Story head to various bodies

This page has come about because of my curiosity originally regarding the Soldier Story heads, and if they can be used with a Dragon body?

With the neck connectors being so different on the two bodies, I got to wondering about some neck adapters that I found online, and if these could be used to connect one to the other. One of my main reasons for trying this out is cost, as I have found that some of the complete Soldier Story nude bodies can be expensive, and that is before I even look at the shipping price on them as well. So to go for a cheaper option I went with two of the adapters and a separate Soldier Story head instead.

1.  2. 3.  4.

The pictures here 1. & 2. are of the Soldier story head and body connection, Picture 3. is of the parts for the Headplay short neck adapter which I thought might work with the Soldier Story head on a Dragon body.  Picture 4. is the inside of the Headplay neck adapter.

5. 6. 7.  8.

In Picture 5. this is where my problems began, because the inside of the neck adapter is not deep enough to sit down fully on the Dragon body, plus as shown in Picture 6. one end of the double ball joint connector is too big to fit into the base of the Soldier Story head, plus as shown it is also too big to fit into the Headplay adapter as well. In Picture 7. I have turned the double ball joint connector around to show the other end as  a smaller ball joint which will fit into the base of the Soldier Story head, but the larger end will not fit into the adapter. Picture 8. shows how the adapter assembles together as designed by Headplay, but as I have mentioned before, to make this fit the Soldier story head as it is, I will have to sand down the upper ball joint to get it to fit.

  9. 10. 11. 12.

In Picture 9. I have tried to show how much bigger the upper ball joint is when compared to the Soldier Story head. In Picture 10. this shows just what would have to be done to make the Soldier Story head fit not only the adapter, but also what changes I would have to do to the Dragon neck as well to be able to use the short neck adapter. In Picture 11. the top part of the Dragon neck connector shown as A would have to be cut off, so that the Headplay adapter would sit lower and close up the gap at the bottom as shown in Picture 5. above.


Picture 12. above shows both of the ball joint connectors together, the one on the left is the Headplay connector and on the right is the Soldier Story connector. So from this I can say that the Soldier Story head with a Headplay adapter, without a lot of work cannot connect to a Dragon headsculpt, which also rules out the Figures Home body as well as the DiD one.

Fitting a Loading Toys head

Another head that I bought recently is the Marcus one from Loading Toys, this came with a soft plastic neck adapter which I removed by placing the neck in some hot water to soften it so I could remove the adapter. Picture 13. shows the adapter in place and Picture 14. shows the adapter after I have removed it.

13.  14. 15.   16. 

Once the adapter came off did I realise that it had been glued in place, as shown in Picture 15. with the glue residue that has been left on the base of the head. One problem I have now found with the head and a Dragon body is that the hole in the head is slightly large, which makes the head loose on the body. To get around the problem of the head now being slightly loose, Picture 16. shows how I have had to bulk out the Dragon neck connector slightly with some double sided tape to hold the head in place. Mainly because the head is made out of some kind of resin, so as I see it at the moment I cannot glue it in place.

17.  18. 19.

The pictures above show how the Loading Toys head works with a Dragon body in Picture 17. Picture 18. the same method of the tape has been used with a Figures Home body. Picture 19. shows the head on a DiD body and how it sits on top of the connector, which would have to be trimmed down to make the head fit. Note: This would have to be done carefully to keep a tight fit for the head.

Fitting a Saturday Toys head

20.  21.  22.  23.

This headsculpt is another one that I bought loose that I used on my Colonel page, Picture 20. is how it came with the neck adapter fitted and for me to use it with a Dragon body. In Picture 21. I placed the connector and neck into some hot water to soften it, and with the help of some long nosed pliers, I am removing the bottom neck connector. Picture 22. is the head with the connector removed, Picture 23. shows what the neck now looks like.

24.  25.  26. 

Picture 24. shows the head placed onto a Figures Home Body, Picture 25. is the head on a Dragon body. Both of these allow me to use the head as it is without any further alterations, and it fits very well as a tight fit by just pressing it down onto the body neck connector. Picture 26. is the head on the top of a DiD body neck connector, and as shown it will take a bit of work to get it to fit. By either removing the inner ring (not recommended) on the head, or by the better option of trimming down the DiD neck connection. Note: This would have to be done carefully to keep a tight fit for the head.

Fitting a Headplay Head

27.  28.   29. 30. 31.

Another item I have bought recently is a loose Headplay head, as I do like the facial detail on them. And I have found that they can be fitted to the Dragon Neo 2 bodies quite easily. Picture 27. is the head as I got it, with Picture 28. showing the inside of the connector for the neck.

Picture 29. is the head on a Figures Home body, Picture 30. is the head on a Dragon body both fit very well just by pressing firmly down onto the body. With a DiD body in Picture 31. the neck for the body has to be again altered to get the head to fit.

Fitting a Toys City head

Another item I have bought recently is a loose Toys City head, as I liked the facial detail on this headsculpt. Note: The flash from the camera has made this head look more glossy than it actually is. With this headsculpt it is like the other heads in that it is made from some kind of hard resin, which I have found makes it difficult to fit onto the Dragon body.

32.  33.  34.

Picture 32. is the headsculpt as it came to me, and Picture 33. shows the inside of the head that connects to the body which with the ridge inside that I have found hits onto the peg as shown in Picture 34. on the Dragon body .

 35. 36. 37.

In the above pictures you can see how the head fits onto the different bodies I have used here, Picture 35. is the Dragon body and Picture 36. is the Figures Home body. Both of these are loose and have a small gap at the bottom caused by the ridge inside the head hitting against the peg on the two body neck connectors. To close the gap I will have to remove the peg on the body, and also wrap the neck connector in the double sided tape to keep the head tight and in position. Picture 37. is the head on a DiD body, and like most of the other heads used here the neck connector has to altered to allow the head to be fitted to it.

Fitting an ACI head

This is another head that I have had for a while now and I have added to this page, about how it can be adapted to fit onto a Dragon body.

38.  39. 40. 41.

Which did surprise me as it was so easy to do, Picture 38. shows the head as I got it, Picture 39. shows the inside of the neck joint which is very similar to the Dragon headsculpts. The only alteration I had to do to the head to get it to fit onto a Dragon body, was to cut out the notch inside the head a bit better. As shown in Picture 40. the head fits onto the Dragon body with no distortion to the neck, and by making sure that the peg in Picture 41. lines up with the notch in the neck.

42. 43. 44.

Then as shown in Picture 42. I have just pushed the head onto the Dragon body, by using the same method in Picture 43. I can also fit the ACI head onto a Figures Home body as well. In Picture 44. I have tried to fit the head onto a DiD body, but like the other heads here the DiD neck connector will have to altered for the head to fit.

Fitting a DiD head to a Dragon body

45. 46.  47.   48.  49.

With these figures I am tending to stay away from them as they are of the standard 6 foot muscular body type, and I have found that it is a lot of work to alter them down to anything else. Especially with the moulded chest muscles, because to me they make a tunic stand out too far in this area. Picture 45. is of the standard DiD head and picture 46. is the neck joint for the head, Picture 47. is the hole for connecting the head to the DiD body. Picture 48. is after I have enlarged the neck joint with my model knife to fit the Dragon body. Picture 49. is the adapted DiD head fitted onto the Dragon body.

50. 51. 52.

In Picture 50. above I have lined up 4 heads for comparison regarding the hole for the neck connections, from the left I have a older DiD head, another later DiD head, a Dragon head and finally the ACI head. With regards to my reasons for altering the DiD head as shown in Picture 48.

You can see in Picture 51. the thickness of the material used to make the head at the neck, and in Picture 52. how it sits high on the neck connector of the Dragon body.


Note: It has been mentioned to me about heating up the neck joint on the head with a hairdryer, so that it can fit better onto the neck connector, I have not tried this method myself. But it does look like it could work to get the newer DiD heads onto the Dragon body, but I would be concerned about getting the heat source too close to the face and maybe damaging it.

53. 54. 55. 56. 57.

The pictures above are of the heads on a DiD body, Picture 53. is the Saturday Toys head, Picture 54. is the Headplay head and Picture 55. is a Dragon head, Picture 56. is the Toys City head and Picture 57. is the Loading Toys head. All of which have to be altered to get the head fitted, the easiest way of doing this as I see it is to cut down to the neck connector instead. As there is less chance of damaging the base of the head by altering the body neck connector instead. Note: This would have to be done carefully to keep a tight fit for the head.

Fitting a Dragon head to a DiD body

58.  59.  60.  61. 

As another experiment I have tried to fit a Dragon headsculpt onto a DiD body, I remember doing this before but I could not recall what the results were. To get the head in place with altering anything I held the base of the head in some boiled water for about a minute, and as shown in Picture 58. the head can fit onto the DiD body. But as shown in Picture 59. and especially in Picture 60. the neck on the head distorts out of shape. Also as shown in Picture 61. the head can come back off easily as it is not held in placed very firmly, plus you can also see how the base of the head at the neck has become distorted.

Note: I know that there are other body types on the market, some of which do look very good and they also have the ability to hold a pose well. But I just cannot really justify spending up to 30.00 - 35.00 + shipping on just one nude figure for a kitbash, so this is why I am staying with the Dragon bodies at the moment and I have mainly based this page around them.


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