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Dragon Backpack Alterations

Method 1

Like all of the other parts I have used on my figures, I want to make some slight changes to the Dragon Wilhelm Engels backpack. Because I want to make a kitbash of a gebirgsjager, where he is carrying another on his back. But I have found out from Patrick (Heeresbergführer), like most of the 1:6th scale german backpacks they are missing the lower straps.


So I have had to make some changes, that are similar to the backpack picture on the right. This first method here is that I have put some rings on the bottom of the backpack, so that the new auxiliary straps can hook onto them. The first thing I had to do was find a pair of DiD 'Y' straps in my spares box, as I needed a pair of rings from it.


As well as the four Black hooks, as I want all of the hooks to look the same on the backpack. I also used some thin leather material, to make the connectors as shown in Picture 1. below. Which I then sewed onto the bottom rear corners of the backpack, making sure that the centre belt strap can still go through the loops at the bottom as in Picture 2.

1. 2. 3.

I then had to make the connectors and the auxiliary straps, that are connected to the main shoulder straps. So I cut the auxiliary straps off the DiD 'Y' strap. To replicate the rivet holding both straps together, I have used two of the tiny brads that I used for the shoulder boards on my figures. In Picture 3. I have made a tiny hole in the material, so that I could push the brad through.

4. 5. 6. 7.

Picture 4. shows the back of the straps, with some of the length of the brad cut off before it has been folded over to keep the auxiliary strap in place. To allow a little bit of movement with the strap, I put my model knife blade under the strap before I bent the brad pins over. I also trimmed the strap so that end is hidden behind the main strap.


In Picture 5. the auxiliary strap end is test fitted onto the lower backpack connection, Picture 6. shows the backpack fitted to a test figure, to see what all of the straps look like. Picture 7. is of one of the auxiliary straps, hooked onto the bottom of the backpack. I still have to adjust these straps to a tighter fit, and the loose end as shown in Picture 4. trimmed off slightly. The picture on the right shows the front of the backpack on the figure, I still have to adjust the front straps so that the brads are level.


I have found that by using the main hooks on the front of the belt, combined with the lower backpack hooks. I can get a nice tight fit for the backpack, which will help me to support the second figure on the back of my main figure.


The final thing that I have to do with the straps now that I know everything fits, is to take it off the figure and repaint all of the straps and leather parts with some Black artists paint. That way all of the straps match, because as shown in Picture 7. the original straps are Brown.

Method 2

The second method I have used to make the changes to a another Dragon Wilhelm Engels backpack, is that on the bottom of the backpack instead of the rings, I have fitted a pair of buckles. So that I can make some straps that are similar to the set on the right.

8.  9.

Picture 8. shows front of the main backpack straps, I have removed the little discs that it came with, so that I could replace them with a pair of new brad pins. To fit the new rings I have initially made two strips of pleather, folded over each of the rings as shown in Picture 9. These were first sewn into place to hold them, I then pushed a brad pin in place the same as Picture 4. to represent the rivets.

  10. 11.

For the secondary straps, In Picture 10. I first sewed a piece of folded pleather material with a buckle in place into the bottom corners of the backpack. Then I have cut two of the long thin straps from the pair of DiD 'Y' straps I used earlier.  In Picture 11. I then put one strap end through a metal spring clip, then folded over one end and secured it with another one of the brad pins. Pictures 12. & 13. shows the straps fastened together. The final thing I have to do is the same as my other backpack, in that I have to re-paint all of the straps the straps and leather parts with some Black artists paint. That way all of the straps are one colour

Finished Backpacks

12. 13. 14.

Pictures 12. 13. & 14. are of the first Dragon backpack I altered, with the clips that now connect to the bottom corners.

15. 16. 17.

Pictures 15. 16. & 17. are of the second Dragon backpack I altered, this time it has buckles that connect to the corners of the backpack.

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Many thanks to Heeresbergführer for the pictures and the detailed help with my rucksack changes.


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